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Single-acting sand-lime block press


Block heights of up to 350 mm are the speciality of the compact KSE press, developed especially for low heights of construction and foundation pits. It is used both for the production of traditional sand-lime blocks and - in a number of countries - for the production of blocks with aggregates (e.g. fly ash and slag). 

The press design guarantees ease of access. The hydraulic drive is mounted on floor level. Filling device, mould box and block removal device are all integrated in a hydraulically driven compact component. The block removal is facilitated by a lifting device of high sensitivity.

An optimum cycle time is achieved by simultaneous execution of various operations, such as filling the mould box and removing the green blocks.

Depending on the size of the KSE press up to 34 blocks (KSE 1250) may be pressed in one stroke. The programmable control system stores all quality parameters. Setting up the machine for different block formats and raw material mixtures is unproblematic. The quality of the sand-lime blocks produced meets the German standard DIN 106.


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