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Double-acting sand-lime block press


LASCO sand-lime block presses of the KSP series are the cornerstone of modern sand-lime block production. Equipped with an electro-oil-hydraulic drive they compact from two sides with an accuracy of 0.1 mm and consistent homogeneity. This is a prerequisite for uniform stability of the block in its entire cross-section.

The two press punches may be adjusted easily to the filled in mass, thus saving energy, as only pressure required for individual forming is exerted.

Proven, reliable design 
ensures continuous precision by means of a rigid press frame with accurate guiding system and advanced valve technology which delivers the correct fill height to the mould.

In-process measuring technology monitors and controls production quality by continuously checking, and, if necessary, adjusting the block height and the force required for correct compacting of the sand-lime-water mixture.

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