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Blue Competence

The sustainability initiative of the VDMA

LASCO meets the demand for resource saving machines and lines by using innovative, energy-efficient technologies in its products. Taking part in the sustainability initiative Blue Competence of the VDMA (German Engineering Association), LASCO and a number of other companies are meeting the challenges of coping with economic and ecological tasks and stand up for the twelve sustainability guidelines of the mechanical engineering industry.

Against this background LASCO completely redesigned its hydraulic drives, that have proved to be successful for decades, and increased their efficiency by optimising the power density.

In the newly developed hydraulic LASCO servo direct drive the hydraulic pump and the servo motor form one compact unit. The excellent controllability allows exact set points for torque, rpm and position of the pump rotor.
Thus the delivery rate of the pumps directly acts upon the cylinder unit without interposition of valves and throttles. Throttle loss known from conventional systems can largely be avoided. The pump drives the servo motor as generator during decompression.
The electric energy generated that way is temporarily accumulated and used for the subsequent working stroke.