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Competitive advantage through process optimisation

There is a larger and larger variety of blocks. Consequently competition is getting tougher and quality and cost pressure are increasing. Automation makes costs calculable and enables repeatable processes.

Main aspects of LASCO automation solutions:

Productivity • production costs • quality reliability • flexibility • ergonomics • safety • environment • compatibility

  • Process optimisation adapted to customer requirements
  • Increase in productivity through minimized cycle times
  • Maximized process and operational safety
  • Rationalisation effects by reducing/avoiding personnel for feeding and handling
  • High serviceability
  • Quick re-start after standstills; the line is emptied automatically after a stop
  • Concept: „keep the line running“. - If a quality parameter is not met the block is separated automatically. However, the line does not stop before an adjustable number of rejects has been reached.
  • Optimum use of the tool area
Production costs
  • Reduction of spare part requirements through modular machine design
  • Reduction of wear by integrated fully automatic grease lubrication

  • Repeatable processes and quality control over the entire production cycle 
  • Fine adjustment of gripping force
  • Smooth handling of the green blocks due to servo axes
  • Exact guiding
  • Use of robust line components and selection of products appropriate for rugged conditions
  • Development, design and manufacture carried out by specialists 
  • Commissioning and integration of the line on site by highly trained assembly staff
  • Effective cover to protect against dirt like sand, dust and fumes
  • High operational fault tolerance 

  • Quick mould change (ideal for smaller batch sizes), key word: just in time
  • Minimization of set-up times (e.g. by uncomplicated change of gripper plates and distance pieces for mould
  • Automatic blade adjustment

  • Relieves the strain of hard physical work on the machine or line operator
  • Convenient central process control with signal exchange of the components in the process chain (administration via master control)
  • Automatic discharge of  faulty green blocks

  • Sophisticated safety technology following the regulations of the current machine guidelines

  • Energy efficient drives
  • Precise lubrication, therefore minimal emission

  • Data exchange with line components and computer networks