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Hydraulic sand-lime block presses


The heart of modern sand-lime block factories are the presses which compact raw materials into green blocks before they are hardened in a steam autoclave. Since their introduction in the early 1990s, LASCO servo-hydraulic sand-lime block presses have enabled considerable progress in the productivity of manufacturing lines for sand-lime blocks of a large variety of dimensions and formats.

In the production of sand-lime blocks LASCO KSP presses have set the standard for the degree of automation, productivity and economic efficiency, and have become the best-selling machines of their kind, due to the following features:
  • Hydraulic drives for double-acting compaction
  • Servo valves for exact filling heights and quantities
  • Fully automatic quality control systems for the entire process
  • Computer-controlled stacking device and automatic curing wagon feed

KSP press lines provide an ideal basis for customised wall building with large sand-lime blocks, due to their precision and economic operation.

The KSE series was developed by LASCO especially for the production of small and medium-sized sand-lime blocks. In a lot of countries this machine type is also used for the building material with aggregates such as fly-ash, slag etc. Like its "big brother" KSP, the KSE with single-acting compaction distinguishes itself through efficiency, precision, and ruggedness.