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Vario-block press


The vario-block press PSP reduces to a minimum the required time and effort used for sawing large volume building materials (Quadro elements) to produce rectangular supplementary blocks (vario-blocks). The optimisation of the length and height of the green blocks in the pressing operation brings about considerable savings of raw material and a reduction of surplus material.

The patented mould system of the PSP allows the production of variable block lengths between 100 - 750 mm and wall thicknesses, achieved by variations in filling height. The positioning of the punches is computer-controlled via the interface signal of the configuration software.

The unique sliding multiform tooling
is equipped with moulds for producing standard wall thicknesses, with only the centre mould filled in one working cycle. To produce vario-blocks and elements of other wall thicknesses, the complete mould (upper and lower punch, press table with mould boxes) is changed hydraulically within seconds.

An industrial robot with vacuum gripper plate removes the differently sized green blocks from the conveyor belt and stacks them on the curing wagon. Individual gripper vacuum chambers are controlled automatically depending on the dimensions of the green block.

Brochure (3MB)