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Electric upsetters


Electric upsetting combines heating and gathering of bar material in one process. The technological limits of other forming methods can partly be overcome by electric upsetting. In valve production, for example, the ratio of upset length and bar diameter can be increased up to a factor of 20:1.

LASCO offers horizontal (EH) and vertical (EV) electric upsetters, as well as special designs. They may be combined with suitable finish-forging equipment with handling systems to create efficient fully automatic production lines.

Special features:

  • Servo drive and CNC control for actuation of upsetting cylinder and anvil plate
  • Free programming of upsetting and retraction speed as well as heating current during the stroke
  • No adjustment of limit switches or stops necessary
  • Permanent temperature control of the upsetting head
  • Automatic billet check
  • Automatic loading, unloading and transport devices
  • No foundation required
  • Efficient programmable control system with operator guidance, product data administration and modem for remote diagnostics 
  • Can be operated both in manual and in fully automatic mode


Capacities: Upsetting forces from 2,500 – 10,000 kN