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Forging roll / cross wedge roll


Forging roll RCW:
The forging roll is designed for pre-forming round and square material. The billet is fed radially into the rollers by a manipulator and pre-formed in individual sectors (passes).

Special features of the RCW:
  • Special forging roll manipulator
  • LASCO manipulator gripper fitted with compensating member to
    balance out changes in billet lengths
  • Sense of direction (synchronized or reverse rotation) can be changed via direct drives
  • Optional roller temperature control (heating/cooling)

Cross wedge roll QKW:
The cross wedge roll is used for pre- and finish-forming (material distribution) of round forging parts, stepped as well as hollow shafts. Heated round bars are rolled between two synchronized rollers fitted with tools.

Special features of the QKW:
  • Roller gap adjustable symmetrically to rolling plane
  • Sense of direction (synchronized or reverse rotation) can be changed via direct drives 
  • Optional roller temperature control (heating/cooling)
  • Optional roller change manipulator

Advantages of RCW and QKW:

  • No fly wheel, clutch or brake necessary due to torque motor drive
  • High dynamics and control accuracy through drive via two electronically synchronised servo torque motors
  • Electronic roller synchronisation optimises dimensioning of the roller gap and allows roller gap adjustments during the rolling process
  • Considerable material savings
  • Optimised work-piece surfaces also with non-ferrous metals
  • Patented roller change system
Sizes: Roller diameters from 350 mm to 1,400 mm (QKW) and 460 mm to 930 mm (RCW)

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