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Hydraulic double-acting hammer


Hydraulic double-acting hammer HO-U: From a technical and economical point of view, the forging hammer remains an ideal forming unit for the forging industry. A hydraulic hammer delivers maximum forming force with minimum energy consumption - ideal characteristics for forging a wide range of parts.

LASCO is the inventor and pioneer of hydraulic drive systems for die forging hammers. The hydraulic double-acting hammer HO-U developed by LASCO with its state-of-the-art hydraulic and electronic control systems has brought new standards of efficiency and quality to the forge shop.

Special features:

  • One-piece frame made from high-alloy cast steel 
  • Most accurate repeatability of blow energy
  • Very low energy costs compared to air hammers
  • Rapid blow rate
  • Ram and anvil insert made from forged and heat-treated steel
  • Direct spring damping
  • Hydraulic drive in block design
  • Efficient programmable control system with operator guidance, product data administration and modem for remote diagnostics 
  • Both manual and fully automated operation 

Capacities: Blow energy from 10 kJ – 300 kJ

Brochure (3 MB)