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Pre-forming / multipurpose press


The VP/VPA/VPE series with its numerous options including automation embodies features that make it the optimum press concept for any requirement and application.

Forward and backward extrusion, pre-forming, trimming, piercing, upsetting, stretching, descaling and edge-breaking require differing stroke lengths, overall heights, tool area dimensions and ram speeds.

The frame, drives, ram, and ram guides are designed to meet specific requirements. 

Special features:

  • The press frame, depending on press capacity and application, may be a rigid pre-stressed multi-part or compact one-piece design
  • Press head designed with integral oil reservoir with cover plate to accommodate the compact press drive 
  • Depending on press size and speed one or more variable volume axial piston pumps will be located on the press head as submerged pumps or  barrel casing pumps 
  • Servo hydraulic direct drives alternatively equipped with gear pumps or axial piston pumps
  • Fully automatic work-piece manipulation
  • Protective bolster on table prevents indentation by the tool stack
  • Forged press cylinder and press piston
  • Cast ram or alternatively welded ram with heat-neutral guide system
  • Efficient programmable control system with operator guidance, product data administration and modem  for remote diagnostics

Capacities: Press forces from 2,500 – 100,000 kN

Brochure (3 MB)