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Screw presses


Screw presses with direct electric drive SPR/SPP provide applications for forming, straightening, calibrating and coining parts made of steel, high-alloy materials and non-ferrous metals. Screw presses with direct drive have the rotor of the drive motor connected directly to the flywheel and screw.

LASCO SPR and SPP series of screw presses offer different forming characteristics: 
The SPR series has overload protection through a slipping clutch for forging applications which demand high working capacity.
The SPP series is capable of "hard on hard" blows for calibrating and forging applications which demand much force.

Special features:

  • Precision forging unit with accurate energy control and without fixed bottom dead centre position of ram. 
  • High working capacity
  • Multi-part cast press frame pre-stressed by four tie rods
  • Screw made of forged high-alloy NiCrMo steel, with nut made of special bronze 
  • Optimised thread profile
  • Frequency converter ensures accurate repeatability of the blow energy and optimum electrical efficiency
  • Efficient programmable control system with operator guidance, product data administration and modem for remote diagnostics 
  • Large lateral windows in press frame facilitate automation


Capacities: Nominal press force from 1.0 MN (100 t) to 80 MN (8,000 t), working capacity from 2 kJ to 2,250 kJ

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